Welcome to BriteCore!

As you may know, Bremen Farmers Mutual has been working for a while to implement a new online software system. We are excited to announce that we are releasing the new system, called BriteCore. We feel BriteCore is on the leading edge of technology and is a substantial improvement over our current system. The BriteCore system will also allow us to add more features in the future that agencies and insureds desire.

This web page is designed to help agency staff get information about the release and get started learning about the BriteCore system. Please read each section below.

Accessing BriteCore

  • Go to https://bfmic.britecorepro.com. (Note: This address does not use the “www” prefix.)
  • Once you arrive at BriteCore, it is suggested to bookmark the web page for easier access in the future. (Note: You can also access it by navigating to bfmic.com/agents.)
  • When you arrive at BriteCore, you will see a “Sign in” screen with a “Can’t Remember” link (see example below). Click the “Can’t Remember” link to set up your password.
  • IMPORTANT: Once you have set up your BriteCore password, your Username will be the same as the original online Quote/Inquiry interface. (Hint: It is usually the first initial of your first name followed by your last name.) However, the password you previously had set up for the original Quote/Inquiry site is separate from your BriteCore password and does not change.
  • After clicking the “Can’t Remember” link, a “Recover Password” pop-up will appear (see below example). Within the pop-up, enter your email address that is on file with Bremen. (Note: You will see a message in red that says “Invalid email address” until you have finished typing the full address.) Once the email address is complete, click “OK”.
  • When the email is sent, a “Success” confirmation pop-up will appear (see below example). Click “OK”.
  • After a couple minutes, you will receive an email from admin@britecore.com that contains a Confirmation Code and a Link to Britecore. Click the Link to BriteCore. (Note: Check your “spam” folder if the email does not appear in your inbox in a couple minutes.)
  • The Link to BriteCore will take you to a “Password Recovery” page (see below example). On this page, enter the Confirmation Code from the email (copy/paste is recommended). Then in the next two boxes, create your BriteCore password. (Note: Click the Password Requirements link to see the required format of the password. Hint: Using a combination of upper and lower case letters and mixing in punctuation characters will strengthen the password.) Once all three boxes are complete, click “Submit”.
  • After submitting the password, you will receive a “Success” pop-up (see below example). Click “OK” and you will be taken back to the main BriteCore Sign in screen.
  • On the Sign in screen:
    • Username: Use the same Username that has been set up for our current online Quoting/Inquiry interface. Hint: It is usually the first initial of your first name followed by your last name (John Smith = jsmith).
    • Password: Enter the password you just created.
    • Click “Log In” and you will arrive at the BriteCore dashboard start page.
  • Note: If you forget your password in the future, follow the above steps again.

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Web browser & Internet Information

  • All mainstream browsers are compatible with BriteCore. However, the free Chrome and Firefox browsers may provide a better user experience. If you are using Internet Explorer, please use the most up-to-date version. Note: Contact an IT professional for help with downloading, installing, or updating a web browser.
  • BriteCore displays Declarations and other documents using pop-up windows. If your browser is set to block pop-up windows, be sure to allow them for “britecorepro.com”.
  • Browsers store information called “cache” and “cookies” about web pages so they load more quickly. If you experience navigation issues, you may need to clear the stored cache and cookie information. A shortcut to access the area to clear them is to open the browser on your screen and press the “Control”, “Shift” and “Delete” keys on your keyboard at the same time.
  • If your browser ever seems to be stuck on a BriteCore page, pressing the "F5" key on your keyboard will refresh the page and correct many navigational issues. Also, browsers usually have a "refresh" button that when clicked will do the same thing.
  • The BriteCore system is an online, web-based interface. Therefore, a faster internet connection will provide the best user experience.

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  • We are starting in BriteCore with our two smallest lines of business, Inland Marine and Businessowners. Beginning with small lines of business with relatively low policy volume will allow everyone to become accustomed to the new system gradually.
  • Inland Marine and Businessowners renewal policies with October 2016 effective dates and later will be the first to be renewed into BriteCore. Therefore, there will be a period of time where there will be some policies that exist in our original system and some that will have been renewed into BriteCore. (Note: renewal policies will maintain their policy numbers in BriteCore.)
  • Inland Marine and Businessowners new business applications submitted after August 27, 2016 will be issued through the BriteCore system. (Note: new business policies will receive a BriteCore formatted policy number.)
  • Note: The online Quoting and Inquiry functionality for Homeowners, Agri-Pak, and Dwelling Fire policies can still be found at the original interface (using Internet Explorer).
    • We will announce via email when these policy types are being renewed into BriteCore.

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User Training

  • Our plan for training in BriteCore is a series of demonstration videos that a user can view at a convenient time for them. Also, we have developed other help documentation. Last, we feel the system is user-friendly enough that most users should be able to use it with minimal help. However, after accessing the training videos and material, if a question arises, please call us.
  • You can access the video list by clicking here. The videos are broken into four categories: Basics, Quoting, Policies, and Claims.
  • A note about claims: A currently open claim will be handled from within the original system even if the policy has been renewed into BriteCore.
  • The fee structure and billing system within BriteCore is different in some areas compared to our original system. To assist you in understanding, a Billing Manual has been developed. You can view/print/download it by clicking here.

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Document Mailing/emailing Procedure

  • Agency copies of all documents produced from within BriteCore will no longer be postal mailed. Instead predefined agency staff will receive an email summary of all documents that were produced on a given day. The email will contain links that when clicked will take the user directly to the policy or document in BriteCore. (See an example of the email below.) IMPORTANT: In order for the links in the email to work as expected, the user must be logged in to BriteCore prior to clicking them.  
  • The procedure for the mailing of Insured and 3rd party (Mortgagee, Loss Payee, Additional Insured, etc) copies of documents is also changing within BriteCore. A help document has been developed to assist you in understanding. You can view/print/download it by clicking here. IMPORTANT: We will send all 3rd party documents to them directly from our office.
  • A predefined agency staff member will also receive an email when a premium payment becomes late. See an example of the email below (click it to view a larger version).
  • Coming soon: An email will also be sent to a predefined agency user when monthly commission statements are available. 
  • All emails referenced above will come from admin@britecore.com. It is advisable to add this address to your email address book or otherwise take steps to ensure it will not be filtered as spam. Also, do not reply to this email address as it is not monitored.

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Manuals, forms, & endorsements

  • A new online interface has been created where you can find PDF versions of manuals, forms, and endorsements for the lines of business that are being converted to BriteCore. You can access the interface by clicking here
  • More lines of businesses will be available as they are released into BriteCore.

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